Poor Me! (T_T)

This is about My Facebook! My boy sent me a message, he told me that there’s sometin’ wrong in my FB, firstly we think this just happen between us, but actually BIG NO! My FB is really ERROR!! Friends of mine can’t find me, we haven’t blocked each other, and we went on a mutual friends profile yet still couldn’t find. I even left a wall post on the mutual friends page but it is invisible to them, also when they paste my profile links they are redirected to home page!

Oooo please please please SOMEBODY help… I’ve tried to find the answer in yahoo answer then found so many cases ’bout FB, and one of it is identicaly with mine! but…… (poor me) there’s no one can solve the problem! Damn! So, What should I do then?

I’d like to make a new account, but I just still love my old FB, I love the pictures which i’ve posted, and so many friends also my fams include it. A Big Question Mark,
What’s wrong?? And How could this happen in me???


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