Nabila Ibrahim is Coming Back..

ERROR.. Huaa.. I spent my all nite to solve the error problem, but until this posting have posted, there’s no progress in my FB, I just waste my times to taking nothing. Hmm.. Now I feel sleepy, so so so sleepy.. Okay, Finally I decided to make my new account in Facebook.

The old one is still available if you open it from u’r facebook mobile (but not u’r PC), that’s why i don’t deactivate my old FB. I hope it will get better soon and i don’t have to use my new. Hmmph.. well, now I have two active account but someday, i think i must choose one of it as my only one.

FYI, you can find my new at, please add me and send friends suggestion to other who know me. Hehe ^.~ Thanks so much!


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