Come True

Tralala… Precious Caprice! proudly present : Proper Gift, as it’s new theme! Happy me, one of my 2010 resolutions almost in hand : “tema impian bikinan sendiri…!!”. Last day i tried to ‘utakatik’ the older theme and finally, i finished my experiment successfully! Like i said before, ga susah kok, we just need a lil accuracy and MUCH good mood. hehehe. The things which have changed/added into are:

1. I added a new column in left side. my dream come true! i love you! hahaha.

2. Small flower where used to in the top-right-corner of the post, now moved to the bottom. look nice isn’t it?

3. Pinky sidebar-header’s background has been removed. it has no good for me, lil bit annoying..

4. Cute ‘Flying Butterfly and Clouds’ header now can move more attractive. I’ve been edited the JavaScript, so you can see it’ll follow your cursor right-left-up-down. before edited it can’t work to up n down movement. hehehhe it’s the thing that i love the most in “Proper Gift” whereas 2 days ago i have an intention to change the header (^0^) *smooch*

5. Navigation bar doesn’t work!!!! OH NO! the text was appear but when you click them there’s no result at all. i dont know how could they becoming this 😦 poor me, but i think this is not a big problem, i can solve it ASAP *asal aja penyakit malas ga kumat, hehehe*

6. May be all of you wonder why must I name it Proper Gift? OKay, actuallty i don’t have ta proper reaoson. But I am the owner, so Up to me! rite? hahaha.

7. The last, please look at the footer, there I put the source where I’ve found the header and flower. Please visit them too.