On My Mind

1. NIGHTMARE! NC’s mission will being held on next Monday, is it mean that i have to ‘leave’ my PBO and PemVis’ time? NO! 😦 huhuhuuu..

2. My lecture ask me and all of  my classmate to create unsri-blog-account and update it frequently. yeah lil bit looks like a coercion, and with soooo many regret (please keep my apologies for those who override…) , actually I have a conribution on this crazy idea, i ever suggest it as one way to make a better blogger comunity.. ummm okay, create an account? i did! wht about update? 😛 ahahaha! I promise to update it, as well as possible. I hope. XD

3. This is about my study: esspecially PPSI, PBO, and all of ya! finally I could tell u this, i love ya information system! now I know what SI is. Tengkyu tengkyuu..

4. Reach more achievement, get more something good, be a better Nabila, make friends, conserve more money, healthy life.. looks good by doing good! 

5. Love, Life.. I Love my Man, more more more more and more! Miss u soooo bad honey…  😦



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