Today is the last day, it just thirteen hours left to 2011 when i write this post down. Happy new years dear.

New years, errr, honestly it ain’t mean something “wow” for me. New years is hardly not special at all, except we celebrate the year alternation. and then after that we anyway back to our common life, right? So, what’s special? Hehe.

But somehow, I keep make resolution list regulary every single year although I never been affort it successfully. I dunno why, maybe there’s something wrong in my life, kinda unorganized life. *embarassing*

so on the last day of this year, i’ll make resolution too 🙂 and “be a better me” is not count. That is not a kind of resolution, we make a resolution just the way to improve our selve to be better, don’t we? Moreover It is just too boring, don’t all people take it as their resolution every years…? Lol.

And finally, ladies and gentleman… Give applause to my fuckin’ great resolution. My resolution is……. Errr…… Ehm…. my resolution is…

Okay, actually, I’m still thinking about it. LOL. 😛




“Ayam itu.. kenapa bertengger di dada kalian?”

“Hei, ini garuda! bukan ayam! Kau tak gunakan matamu?”

“Aku gunakan. Tapi itu jelas ayam, bukan garuda..  bodoh.”

“Tutup mulutmu atau aku sumpal dengan sepatu..!”

“Silahkan saja.  Ayam itu…  membuat kalian jadi tak jauh beda dengan sarden cap ayam.”


i must be smarter and so do the readers

actually wif using the words, we can say everything as deeply, as clearly as saying something directly. I like to write, write everything. moreover for me, arrange a sentence from a collection of words is kind of art. that’s why i choose to wrote this blog. in the way my bad direct comunication too, anyway. lol.
In choosing the words that we gonna use, sometimes, it seems hard to find the appropriate one. I’ve posted an acrticle which talk about it. and like I say in the post, verbal abuse can hurt as much as phisical abuse. a problem comes when someone take your words wrong way. those sometimes catch your opinion wrongly, those who think enough can ‘catch’ what you mean in right way, and other can’t. and then partly be hurt. I unlike this situation at all. once more, I don’t like it at all! I swear to God..!

you know, as a good blogger (i wish), actually I tried my best to be an A-list-blogger. I don’t wanna my words hurt others’ feeling, i don’t wanna make other feel hurt.

I dunno why, I dunno what the problem actually is. Am I a bad writer? is my verbal bad? are my words  too sharp? are those not wise enough to think clearly about what i mean? or they just on their period, so they be  more more more sensitive than used to be? I dunno. but I learn.
I learn from the mistakes. So, criticize me if my word was ambiguous, or like a fucking-enormity-evil-unpolite- word. I swear I don’t mean, it just the way the word is outta my control.

Healthy Life

a month ago I decided to start healthy life in the way I live. like try to reduce eating junkfood, start to drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits, sleep timely, and do some sports!! 🙂 sport? can I? Actually, I have soooo busy time. between my house and my campus was so far. it took 1,5 hour to reach my campus from home. and do you know I have a fuckin’ bad-study-schedule..? poor me, those make me successfully go home too late. almost night. every single day. 
those why I have no time to do some sports. but I promise I’ll try to take time to do it. Lucky me, I have a great bbf, just call her Tiwi. She always invite me to swim regulary, twice a week. or every week if only we’re not in our period. 😛 thank so much for reminding me to do healty life, Tiw. I’d like to share you a smooch! lol.

the frienemies

Kinda hard to me to say, but I have to tell you this. I already know these all actually even from the begining of our relationship several years ago. You didn’t amaze me at all, guys.. for these fuckin’ bullshit.. I have prepared my self to face it, even since the first time we met.
I still remember what my Mom said about life. there is no genuine friend in life, actually. we born alone, that’s mean we be destined to struggle alone, breathe, learn, fight, feel hurt, and  finally die alone.. everybody have their own concerns. you with yours, and I with mine. but sometimes, people like to forget to establish a good relationship with others when they are too focused on their interests and set aside others’ feeling. in this situation, there will be those who hurt.
I know it well, so I don’t blame you for what you did to me. I realize it.
You all can act so familiar.. yet I’m not the member of this party. Ýou all can look soooo friendly, yet -actually- you all don’t treat me as a ‘friend’. Even, maybe, you all never think that I mean a lot for you. Or maybe I am nothing for you. I am nobody anyway.
However, this is painful, you know. The pain is just too real.. Hahahahahha.. Good news for me, these are make me stop to think that I am ‘a precious one’ whom always be awaited, or always be needed. These are slap me so hard, and remind me that actually you all are fucking terrible frienemies.  I thank to you.. thank so much for being my frienemies. *smooch!

Periodic Love

I don’t like soccer anyway, but not at all. Sometime I feel like a wishy washy human being. haha~  you know I could be a soccer lover, or soccer mania, suddenly while my national team plays in a match. last nite I didn’t take my eyes off of tv. the game sinks me into the strain. lol. finally we win the game, Indonesia-Philipina (1-0). Congrats, Garuda Merah!!!

FYI, this game have awesome supporters, 80.000 people gather in one place in one time.. amazing, rite?
btw this are the boys while kiss the bird. We love Garuda!!!

fuckin’ crazy!!!

this is just a common post to kill my boring time, i just bolted from all -errrgh- my assignment. and gosh! wht’s wrong with my back, it is pain enough. did I too long to lie down on my bed wrongly? *bicara apa sih, english-nya kacau sekali -_-‘* Guys, sometimes i feel guilty,I feel I am on the wrong way. sometimes i feel like I am the stupidest woman in the world. and sometimes I feel my life is terrible. it is awful, you know it. 
Journey to the past… Long time ago, I dreamed that I would be a doctor. To be a doctor was my ambition. and I have tried my best to afford it, but I can’t. why? Am I stupid? errr I don’t think so, maybe I’m not Clever, but I’am smart enough -I hope. hahah. Like all SPMBers, I have two choise which I put information system in my second choise. and now here I am, lost in Ilkom. (T.T) i didn’t past the exam, and I never be a doctor.
Finally I listed as student of Ilkom, considering it better to take it than I don’t study anymore. To be a computer programing is a BIG no for me. it almost never through my mind that Iam a programmer gonna be. you know what, I don’t like programming at all. it was an accidental choise, unintended. I put Information System as my second? OMG.. 😦  what an awful life!

tonight I have to spend all my night  in front of computer, make a softtware, build a system, designing  sites. errgh- I have to solve so many problems, assignment, project, etc,bla bla, yadda yadda.. I wanna scream out, as loudly as I can!!!


Who’s The Bride?

My mom and I have been preoccupied into wedding preparation since two months. We make seserahan and its packaging, we would like to make something new, something proper, special, and unique. but, we can’t make it with unrestrained, it have to match with the dulang which would be a container of seserahan. Do you all wonder what is seserahan? and what the hell dulang is? haha~
Seserahan in Bahasa Indonesia or habbitualy called Gegawaan in Bahasa Palembang, acctually was a symbol of male responsibility for a woman, in this case the bride. Gegawaan contains custom stuff like kain dodot, dodol, wajik, pinang, daun sirih, kelapa, songket, tepak, and common stuff like cloth, garmen, foodstuff, cosmetics, toiletries and so on. but its containt might be different between Palembang’s and other. And Dulang is an circle plate of wood, that old citizen used to use it to mine gold. but nowadays dulang has been switching function.

pic. dulang

After spend our time to googling, finally we found a briliant idea, about how to make wonderful seserahan packaging, how it will be. haha~ we will use mica film. In Palembang city you won’t find  mica film in  all  paper store, my mom have searched it in Gramedia but nothing, she found it in Pasar 16. And how to make the packaging? First step, we make a pattern. Then mica film be measured according dulang size, and being cutted base on the pattern we make before. we just made it sticky with added glue on one side to other side. Now, we need some ribbon and imitation-plastic-flowers to beautify our seserahan. And, here they are, taraa~ Kinda good? no, it’s GREAT!! yay!

and, who’s the bride???? haha, she’s Puput, my cousin! well acctually seserahan made by bridegroom’s family and be devoted to the bride. But how’s come I -who notabene as bride’s fams- make all this fukcin’ troublesome stuff? these are not my responsibility, you know, but i did it.  🙂

Okay, Mas Budi -the bridegroom- is yogyakartanese and neither he nor his family understand about palembang culture. So, my Mom and me to be kind, 🙂 we take this responsibility proudly. Next post might be about seserahan (again) I wanna share you all detail. safely enjoy! haha~


The Wedding

I have finished my work at 11.45 a.m. and i didn’t go anywhere as I used to, I just go home and open my blogger account. This morning  I accidentally saw some wedding photos in my mobile, those successfully remind me the purpose I had before – when i took ’em. I would like to share it here, in Precious Caprice. The wedding.. yeah all ppl know it as sacred things, and so much worth, don’t it? So my next posts might all be about wedding. hehehe.