Who’s The Bride?

My mom and I have been preoccupied into wedding preparation since two months. We make seserahan and its packaging, we would like to make something new, something proper, special, and unique. but, we can’t make it with unrestrained, it have to match with the dulang which would be a container of seserahan. Do you all wonder what is seserahan? and what the hell dulang is? haha~
Seserahan in Bahasa Indonesia or habbitualy called Gegawaan in Bahasa Palembang, acctually was a symbol of male responsibility for a woman, in this case the bride. Gegawaan contains custom stuff like kain dodot, dodol, wajik, pinang, daun sirih, kelapa, songket, tepak, and common stuff like cloth, garmen, foodstuff, cosmetics, toiletries and so on. but its containt might be different between Palembang’s and other. And Dulang is an circle plate of wood, that old citizen used to use it to mine gold. but nowadays dulang has been switching function.

pic. dulang

After spend our time to googling, finally we found a briliant idea, about how to make wonderful seserahan packaging, how it will be. haha~ we will use mica film. In Palembang city you won’t find  mica film in  all  paper store, my mom have searched it in Gramedia but nothing, she found it in Pasar 16. And how to make the packaging? First step, we make a pattern. Then mica film be measured according dulang size, and being cutted base on the pattern we make before. we just made it sticky with added glue on one side to other side. Now, we need some ribbon and imitation-plastic-flowers to beautify our seserahan. And, here they are, taraa~ Kinda good? no, it’s GREAT!! yay!

and, who’s the bride???? haha, she’s Puput, my cousin! well acctually seserahan made by bridegroom’s family and be devoted to the bride. But how’s come I -who notabene as bride’s fams- make all this fukcin’ troublesome stuff? these are not my responsibility, you know, but i did it.  🙂

Okay, Mas Budi -the bridegroom- is yogyakartanese and neither he nor his family understand about palembang culture. So, my Mom and me to be kind, 🙂 we take this responsibility proudly. Next post might be about seserahan (again) I wanna share you all detail. safely enjoy! haha~



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