the frienemies

Kinda hard to me to say, but I have to tell you this. I already know these all actually even from the begining of our relationship several years ago. You didn’t amaze me at all, guys.. for these fuckin’ bullshit.. I have prepared my self to face it, even since the first time we met.
I still remember what my Mom said about life. there is no genuine friend in life, actually. we born alone, that’s mean we be destined to struggle alone, breathe, learn, fight, feel hurt, and  finally die alone.. everybody have their own concerns. you with yours, and I with mine. but sometimes, people like to forget to establish a good relationship with others when they are too focused on their interests and set aside others’ feeling. in this situation, there will be those who hurt.
I know it well, so I don’t blame you for what you did to me. I realize it.
You all can act so familiar.. yet I’m not the member of this party. Ýou all can look soooo friendly, yet -actually- you all don’t treat me as a ‘friend’. Even, maybe, you all never think that I mean a lot for you. Or maybe I am nothing for you. I am nobody anyway.
However, this is painful, you know. The pain is just too real.. Hahahahahha.. Good news for me, these are make me stop to think that I am ‘a precious one’ whom always be awaited, or always be needed. These are slap me so hard, and remind me that actually you all are fucking terrible frienemies.  I thank to you.. thank so much for being my frienemies. *smooch!

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