Healthy Life

a month ago I decided to start healthy life in the way I live. like try to reduce eating junkfood, start to drinking more water, eating more vegetables and fruits, sleep timely, and do some sports!! 🙂 sport? can I? Actually, I have soooo busy time. between my house and my campus was so far. it took 1,5 hour to reach my campus from home. and do you know I have a fuckin’ bad-study-schedule..? poor me, those make me successfully go home too late. almost night. every single day. 
those why I have no time to do some sports. but I promise I’ll try to take time to do it. Lucky me, I have a great bbf, just call her Tiwi. She always invite me to swim regulary, twice a week. or every week if only we’re not in our period. 😛 thank so much for reminding me to do healty life, Tiw. I’d like to share you a smooch! lol.

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