i must be smarter and so do the readers

actually wif using the words, we can say everything as deeply, as clearly as saying something directly. I like to write, write everything. moreover for me, arrange a sentence from a collection of words is kind of art. that’s why i choose to wrote this blog. in the way my bad direct comunication too, anyway. lol.
In choosing the words that we gonna use, sometimes, it seems hard to find the appropriate one. I’ve posted an acrticle which talk about it. and like I say in the post, verbal abuse can hurt as much as phisical abuse. a problem comes when someone take your words wrong way. those sometimes catch your opinion wrongly, those who think enough can ‘catch’ what you mean in right way, and other can’t. and then partly be hurt. I unlike this situation at all. once more, I don’t like it at all! I swear to God..!

you know, as a good blogger (i wish), actually I tried my best to be an A-list-blogger. I don’t wanna my words hurt others’ feeling, i don’t wanna make other feel hurt.

I dunno why, I dunno what the problem actually is. Am I a bad writer? is my verbal bad? are my words  too sharp? are those not wise enough to think clearly about what i mean? or they just on their period, so they be  more more more sensitive than used to be? I dunno. but I learn.
I learn from the mistakes. So, criticize me if my word was ambiguous, or like a fucking-enormity-evil-unpolite- word. I swear I don’t mean, it just the way the word is outta my control.


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