Today is the last day, it just thirteen hours left to 2011 when i write this post down. Happy new years dear.

New years, errr, honestly it ain’t mean something “wow” for me. New years is hardly not special at all, except we celebrate the year alternation. and then after that we anyway back to our common life, right? So, what’s special? Hehe.

But somehow, I keep make resolution list regulary every single year although I never been affort it successfully. I dunno why, maybe there’s something wrong in my life, kinda unorganized life. *embarassing*

so on the last day of this year, i’ll make resolution too 🙂 and “be a better me” is not count. That is not a kind of resolution, we make a resolution just the way to improve our selve to be better, don’t we? Moreover It is just too boring, don’t all people take it as their resolution every years…? Lol.

And finally, ladies and gentleman… Give applause to my fuckin’ great resolution. My resolution is……. Errr…… Ehm…. my resolution is…

Okay, actually, I’m still thinking about it. LOL. 😛



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