don’t be stupid

Do you ever stalking someone who don’t know you? or do you ever worried about someone who actually don’t mind about you? I do.

Consciously or not, I might actually be a paparazzi for somebody’s life. stalking someone anytime, open their social account just for ‘wanna know’ everything about ’em, then I start to comparing. I often feel inferior when seeing someone smarter, richer, happier, someone more beautiful, or more stylish than I. I feel inferior when seeing someone could did anything that I couldn’t.

why did I do that stupid things? wht’s I get from it? errrr…. actually there is nothing I get from these all.  I didn’t get anything moreover I feel unsafe, and worry. what a fuckin stupid! yeah I realy stupid!

but now, not anymore.  Thnks God, I realize it. What we see about them is not always what we get, ya know. It isn’t their real life, right?

They can be soooooo beutiful on photos, but who knows they let their photo edited to be look like a porcelain, it just about camera trick. Other can be look like the richest ppl in d world by riding  their new  fantastic car but who knows actually they have so many debt. or you can look somebody sooo happy with their Mom doing fuckin sweety things. but who knows actually the family was broke up. who knows actually his Dad leave him. and who knows that they just publish their best family time to make other convinced that they are happy but actually not! who knows? no one.

we never know surely about their life anyway. even you can’t judge someone who always smiling in their virtual profile as a happiest girl. you never know what’d happened actually til you know their real life. what we see in virtual world might be only big falsehood. even a monkey, ppl don’t know it is monkey when  it use internet. so how could we feel unsafe? lol.

and “try to stop comparing” comes to be my resolution. yeah, I dont wanna comparing anymore. 🙂



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