It’s holiday, and I just spend my all day with watch on some movies. romantic. sarcastic. funny. 🙂 thx so much to Tami whose those movies belong to. I’ll be wait for your next nice recomended movies.
I went out with Tiwi for swimming as usual. after that we went lunch, and i found new worth lunch menu, sapi cah cabe. soo hot~ it tastes delicious~ and terrible yummy ya know~  ^_^
I bought some stationaries, like new pens, notebook, yadda yadda. with its purple-pinky, those are being fuckin cute 🙂  perhaps it could be my mood booster *whooozz~* say welcome to new semester..!!
I’ve gotten A for my internet-programming-lab. I wish I’ll get full of A filled my KHS.
I got Fathur back to my arms! hehehe. he is the one and only my-lil bit weird-fuckin great-funny-male-friend who knows and understands me so much. I’ve been make friend with him for almost six years. and there’s just too much the time cannot erase between us. wkwkwkwk. long time not make a joke at ya, dude!
*on this couple years we anyway kinda “be a part” due to study time and etc.. but i promise I’ll keep this friendship as possible as I can. I promise to never forget your birthday like last year. I feel soo~ guilty, I’m sorry friend.. hiks…
otherwise, I feel alone. kinda pathetic when my bf doesn’t gimmie time as much as usual. knowing that he is bussy make me try to be patient, hehe, i’d love to, but I’m afraid I can’t honey. but i’ll try 🙂  I really miss him. I really miss my bf , to whom I always share my stories, my life, and my love with. I miss him.

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