Be POlite!

I’d like to help somebody, helping other give me something worth to smiling at. especially when those asking me something politely. eah, please asking politely when you need something! u shouldn’t shout at me, or speak with ur high tone, even glance me on the horrible way, bossy, or sumtin like that. it makes me feel unsafe, uncomfort, and I guarantee I’d rather run away than think to help you. absolutely.

I can be a very annoying person to ppl who treat me wrong way. I could shout back at you, even slap you so hard! no, I could kill you! HAHAHA! decapitate and dice you into small piece! then I’ll eat you! I am a carnivore! I am cannibal! HAHAHA!

the point is, you should remember that I am not your slave, being polite to me is better than you get killed. lol.

I kidding you, dude!



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