Girls Talk

I never regret the decision I made one year ago: went to Bandung and made friends with new people..  it gives me a new glasses to watch the world, to see this life. A new window with a better prespective.  Here, I met someone who recently become the one with whom I spend my time the most. We are good friends, good sister, we’re taking care each other, and sometimes we fights. ummm.. no. we fights EVERYTIME, over EVERYTHING. hahaha. 

Everybody is unique, and so is she. Pssst… but don’t tell any body, yes? for one year I know her, she don’t believe in love at all. like… when we do a girls talk, and i cry because of watching so touching dramas, she always give me that face, her I-don’t-give-a-fuck-for-a-love-thing poker face and staring at me as if I just waste my time for a fool thing.

three months ago she met a boy. an awesome one. and guess what? she falls in love.  i see her feeling the same as exactly like i said. it overwhelming. SHE CRIED OVER A BOY finally. and i laught so hard. :’)


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