Don’t Forget to Back Everythings Up!

My life recently can not be separated from thesis-thing. It  still related to the research I’ve been doing with my supervisor which I told you before. I am so exciting to face this new lesson and experience.. and suddenly some shitty things happend. My roomate replacing a file with a doc in a same name of file. hahaha so silly, and stupid of me, I haven’t back it up anywhere. I lost my works!  and i have to write it over again… It kinda silly, and tiring. umm no! kinda exhausting. but…. actually it isn’t a really big problem. I still have memories, and I can remember almost the entire substantion of my work. My roomate helped me of course, and she did good job! Thanks God 😀

Next time, don’t ever forget to back up your works at least in two places, in your HD or your flashdisk either… Keep in it in an online source could be better. and thanks God now we have Dropbox. 


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