Injury Time

Feelin’ stuck when I couldn’t download a file I need the most at the time. Annoying! mending saya curhat dulu…..

I’ve been in Serpong for 3 days due to some workshop which I facilitated. As an LO I have particular jobs: make sure that presention list are distributed, and make sure that all of our instructures’ need are sufficeintly fulfilled. here, I am alone, with no one I know. but i’d love to meet new people. I’d loved to make friends. and I love this kind of job. 

While my participants do the class, I stuck here next to my laptop, thanks God network is damn good, such a fastest network i’ve been in. what did i do? of course my homework! ahaha i still have many things to do about my research. it was my word to my supervisor that my paper will be submited in any exist international confrence by this 15th of September. injury time….. i have 3 days left..


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