it is still october

notification in right corner of my laptop show it is 21 of october 2014. so it is still october then, it is my month! happy birthday to me! kinda last post, but i’ll post it anyway. I’m 23 now. old enough, too old to unserious. i hope i can be a better person then.

I didn’t make any birthday celebration, but thankyou, some friends gave me a surprise, a beautiful cake, candles and baloons. it is overwhlming. and psst dont tell anybody, it make me cried actually. To be happy is simple. beside that surprise cake, I got birthday greeting from kaskus, and birthday presents from some merchants, like The Body Shop and Etude House. they gave me sort of discount and birthday gifts. oh thanks God I love it. Reni and Fajar gave me an elegant-and-so-me-Blue-Stradivarious-Wallet. they knew well that my black one now seems too old and worn out. Mom gave me a silver necklace, a pretty one, with octopus pendant. it’s so unique, i’ve tried to google it and i found nothing pendant similar to mine. and i wears it all day long, everyday.

several weeks ago i submited my paper to an international confrence, it’s my first submission though, but i hope my paper is good enough to be published in IEEE. now still counting, i still wait the announcement of approval. God bless me. God bless my paper.

….. so what would i write here again haha. ooh thesis-things of course! my topic of thesis was approved by my supervisor. yasterday I made a request to Ibu Yuni about thesis-consultation-card, since i could start a real fight if only i have it with me.  my first and second chapter of thesis already next to my eye, i just need to write it down.  but how about third, fourth and the last chapter? i still think about it. perharps all can be done as well as, as soon as possible since I and Reni are concerting to be graduated by this 2015 of March. can we? lets see.

mmm october… time flies fast, yes?