Actually I supposed to do my research log book, due to planning to meet my suvervisor tomorrow, instead of tide these fucking cosmetics things. I realize that I have bottles of cosmetic which i don’t use regularly..

TBS a.k.a. The Body Shop, is such a well known brand of skincare. It is quiet pricey, but worth the quality. My cousins introduce the brand to me approximately four years ago… at that time, I was a “cupu” little girl who know nothing about branded makeup nor skincare. It was Japanese Cherry Blossom, I love the fragrance but poor me I can’t afford it due to damn high price. I am just a kid, I didn’t have much money and my mom is a selective kind of shopper. Mom said we have to alocate more money to important stuff instead of  that pricey makeup. 😦

2013, I continued my study, I moved to Bandung, and I regularly recieve my schoolarship.. goverment gives me IDR3.750K per month. large amount, yes? and I start to do that big huge sin….  such a revenge! “TBS! I own you now!” yeah my bad, I am a compulsive buyer and many of them, i use seldom, i bought without any proper considerations.  I consciously spend a lot of money on it… 😦

TBS, i love it so much. my first line is Madagascan Vanilla for my shower gel and eau de perfume. For skincare, i’ve tried Vit E line (Vit E BB cream), and OMG it broke me out. Then i tried Vit C line, and same as Vit E line, it broke me out too. Since then i use Tea Tree line as my HG skincare.. night blemish remover, tea tree oil, foaming wash, facial creamy wash, facial scrub, BB cream. it suit me perfectly… especially foaming wash, now is my 6th bottle.. always repurchase.

on my table now, i still have a number of poor little things: cammomile cleansing oil, vit c energizing spritz, vit c moisturizer, vit e bb cream, tea tree oil, mango beautyfying oil, tea tree blemish remover, tea tree bb cream, seaweed moisturizer, seaweed facial foam, and white musk fragrance oil.. aaaargh…. and i already have moisture shiso white bb cream on my shopping list… damn! 11 biji nyong…. banyak jugak namanya ini

okay! i promise my self that i would not buy any TBS until i have finished all stuff above 😦 please be wiser Nabila…. kaloemg break aout ya nanti gimana bagusnya… jual aja kalik ya.. ada yang berminat?


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