Might be About Bali

Hello there!

I’ve been in Bali for 1 week.. like I told you before, my paper was accepted and I had to go to bali to present it. it takes Sanur as venue.. and I decided to stay in Bali for a whole one week.

it is almost rainy everyday in Bali but nothing can destruct my iterinary though.. i really had nice day here.. so, in the next few posts i would like to share my experiences in Bali, as a backpack-traveller with as minim as possible budget 🙂

before my flight take me far away back  and switch this holiday-mode off, here I am at Starbucks next to Kuta beach, with a cup of Green tea latte, look at to rainy day outside: enjoying my last time in Bali.

in a silent I promise my self. I’ll be back here.. I’ll be seeing you again!