Build your own Starbucks Atmosphere

My campus recently passed this week of final exam.  and I have a bag full of my students’ paper which waiting for me to grade. Long time ago in Bandung I used to go to a coffee shop like starbucks, or my favorite, cafe bene. there, ambience is wonderful and it makes my mood. actually it’s not the only reason, at that time I was irresponsible rich kid with overwhelming scholarship (I got large amount of them!) and I could spend all of my money on coffee shop regretlessly.  haha!

So.. when I came back to my lovely hometown, and there is no more scholarship, I have my own little salary *though my Mom would never let me starving haha, I still live my life nicely.  I sleep well in my comfy bed, at my cozy room, I eat proper food, a family driver drop and pick me every time I work. but still… I think twice to spend my time in a coffee shop like I used to be. so I started to hate coffee? uhm, I don’t think so. did I become more responsible? haha.. a lil bit. Well, some thought just dancing in my mind.

“what makes the different between stay at home, and coffee shop?”

clearly the ambience! and a cup of cofffe as well!

“so why dont I just build my own coffee shop atmosphere?”

I have many work places in my parents’ house. there are many big tables, with high enough chair. comfy, and you know it’s homey.. something I didn’t own, back in Bandung. and Sumatera (esp. Pagaralam, Semendo, etc) has nice freshly ground coffee.. so I got the place, either the coffee. still missing something? yes! The music!

I spend my two hours to looking for some music to help me build the exact ambience I want. then I go with such a keyword “starbucks playlist” but the result doesn’t fit. “instrumental backsound” but it sounds weird. some link just brought me to “japanese instrumental” and suddenly I feel starving. why? coz I feel like I am at Sushi Tei and craving for sashimi wkwkwkwk… failed! ….until I found the one I’ve been search this long: cuban instrumental music salsa…. thank God!

and here I am, grading my students’ paper in “my own starbucks” at home. it is nice. and fun. and of course affordable. will you give a try?


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