Say Hi to Sam!

So this is my first time blogging via my new samsung galaxy s8. It’s kinda nice stuff you know. The price is worth the quality. And its long life battery drives me lil bit crazy..

I’ve been thinking for replacing my cell phone for two months.. TBH my iphone 5 was the great one I’ve been using it for 4 years. I had nothing problem but the internet. My old cell phone doesn’t provide dual sim fitur. Since I use telkomsel as my network provider and telkomsel’s fee for the internet is pain in the ass.. too pricey you know. Since I am internet junkie and I can spend my whole day to surf the internet and do nothing else.. I should use another network provider to support my activities. All this time I used to be using two different devices. My iphone for phone call, and most of the time I let my modem or tablet near me to connect the internet. This is tiring. I CANT handle it for more. I’m sick of this condition.

So, I tell my husband that I need a new gadget with dual sim.. maybe xiaomi, or oppo is OK.. and BOOM! He bought me this Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung flagship smartphone. THIS IS INSANE. Tho I’m happy AF…

Thankyou so much my darling. And Thank God, You give me him. 


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