Move On


Desperate karena mikirin jarum timbangan yang makin ke kanan. how I miss my old body at that time when I was younger.  Photograph above was taken in Bandung on late 2013 or early 2014, I’m not really sure. my body mass was around 47-48 kilos…  and  drastically increased during my pregnancy last year. I don’t blame being pregnant for what happened to me. I’m grateful for had Zhafran in my womb, and If given choice between underwent what I’ve been through or not, I would love to choose to hold my Zhaf over again. No Regret. At All. He’s blessing.

And it’s been nine months since my loss. I need to move on as soon as possible. My planning is to make up my mind, make over my appearance, since this thick body make me sick. it is unhealthy… and my obsgyn said it is better for me to lose some weights, in order to try-to-conception agenda.  I’d like to go swimming again like I used to be. maybe I shoud start it next month….. ? wish me luck.


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