Recently during my online tutorial activities (actually it is my hubby’s courses but I love to take it over 😛 ) I used to be listen to Hanin Dhyia cover song on Youtube. She sounds so good. Somehow she reminds me of Boyce Avenue. I wonder why do this people doing cover better than their own song? *in fact IDK whether boyce avenue and neither Hanin Dhiya had their own song or not… lol. well…. what make me so jealous is, they can play music dan sing along. If only I had to choose a talent that God would give to me, I might be asking for good voice and ability to sing well.

I do music things. but not that good. when I was in my first grade of JHS, my friends taught me how to play guitar.. they introduced me to those basic guitar chord. let we name it C, F, G. and instantly I could play a song which contain those three basic chords.. what a sweet memory! Someday my Daddy bought me, actually it’s my brother but he didn’t interest as much as I did, so the guitar was technically mine, and I was happy AF. Owning my own guitar did some improvements to my skill.  I learnt about many chords, as well as how to pick those strings.. call it classical melody.  and I fell in love. I was a big fan of guitar things.  Guitar has become my best friend for years. Through SHS time, I fell even deeper.. I was being so attached to that thing.  During my college in Bandung, I bought a violin and take a course in a very short time. I still can’t play the violin well, and that violin now just idle on the top of my wardrobe. lol.. my hubby said it was a compulsive terrible act of me. but I don’t regret it at all.. it was such a nice learning experience, tho. Move on from violin, I did other compulsive buying. Ukulele! Considering ukulele is not common in my hometown, and the good qualilty of ukuleles are seems so hard to find in Palembang. I’ve decided to buy it from the first glance. And here it is now, hanging on my wall.  Do I play it? of course yes I do!

by the way, Many things come up. I have to prepare my test (what kind of test? I’ll tell you later), I am going to go to out of town in order to help my hubby for the household thing, we recently looking forward to a better place. and OMG Mid term exam are coming too… yeah my head will explode…. while Hanin Dhiya, covering Akad by Payung Teduh oh it is so lovely, has inspired me to make some covers too. WHAT? MAKING  SOME COVERS? IN THIS KIND OF HECTIC SITUATION? REALLY? Could it be? yeah IDK, let see.