Friendship Never Dies, But Friendship does Change

I got a lot of friendship since I could remember. Some of them was sucked, I feel like being trapped in sort of frienemy relationship. While some others was (and have been) nice, warm, full of happy memory. Friendship never dies. but friendship does change.

I don’t know what happen. My elders say it is normal and this time is the time for me to realize that the true friendship turn to be family. family only.  the one who could support you in no matter condition, take you just the way you are, the one who will always be there when you need, who always get your back, and they provide you loves. tons of love.

I thought I was the closest friend of somebody, but it turn she didn’t inform me about some important milestone in her life, and I feel sad. We are not we used to be anymore.  I don’t know what she currently into, and I didn’t be there when she maybe need me. or really it is not like I thought from the beginning, like the friendship era already end? or she found some new comforting friend more than I do. I wonder. So, where does my golden friendship go away?

it doesn’t go away, maybe they just realize what I realize.

It takes two to a tango. Maybe it was me that never consider them as my closest one, never inform them about what i did, what I reached. And I deserve what I did.