An Nas

Being a lecturer made me interact with so many people everyday. it took around 75-100 people including my students, friends, and many random people such as ojek-man, cafe worker, etc. many of them was lovely, many of them was ignorance.

They all are An-nas, as known as human, is the living creature of God which blessed with sense, mind and idea. Human with all the superiority among others God’s creature behave and have a certain disposition. you can say, other was a saint, another was a sinner.  Many of us, human, seems forget the essential issue about why’d God create us? it was in purpose to worship Him, to do the good deeds, and to love others. This world is only a drop of water but life after death is an ocean.  so what interest you the most? a drop, or a full of ocean?

*just a random thought, tho. I take this note to remind my self.



Kind Hearted

These past weeks I’ve been feeling a bit nausea. I didn’t eat much, nor drink. My husband’s Mom sent me a lot of foods to my house, might be one of those foods would make me feel a little bit better. It was overwhelming. and IDK why but her simple action made me annoyingly happy and burst into a tears.

my coworker knew that I was ill too. It was an afternoon when I a bit busy teaching my students programming algorithm. She approached me telling she got something interesting and asked if I would come with her. and guess what? she gave me a bowl of fruit salad on my work time! “I know what you feel. so this is for you…” she said.

…and she called me this morning, questioning me if I am at our office right now, cuz she bring me something: some mangos!

oh my God, I thank to you for making me surrounded by these kind-hearted of people. You bless me with all this kindness.. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki bukan hanya berupa uang. akan tetapi berbadan sehat, dan dikelilingi oleh orang-orang baik adalah rejeki yang sangat besar anugerah dariNya.

Robbi Audzi’ni an asykuro ni’mati kallati an’amtu alayya wa’ala walidayya, wa an a’mala sholihan tardhohu. Wa adkhilni birohmatika fi ibadikas sholihiin…