ruining someone’s happiness

Past couple days, I went to Jakarta due to some work stuff. I had to attend a ceremony held by KemenpanRB on behalf of Kemenristekdikti delegation. We met with Mr. President, The Minister of Finance, Minister of Social, and many more other important person. They give us lessons and we learnt a lot.  I made a post in my instagram about how happy and grateful I am to be  there. I even said that I burst into tears while singing Indonesia Raya. what a pleasant moment.

then someone PM me on IG, he said “Don’t be fooled by the goverment. What the hell you doing there? why don’t they invite us last year? so this is bullshit..  2019 election is coming soon, they want you to choose them. and you should not elect for them!”

I myself like WTF?!

I mean, really, if you want to comment about something you don’t like, then please think at least twice. whom you talk to.  in what capacity you are commenting.  is it proper to you to talk like that. and the most important thing is who do you think you are to judge. I don’t care  if the ceremony is fulfilled with insidious agenda. I don’t give a f*ck about the political substances.  and you don’t have to tell somebody whom to choose whom to ignore.

oh he ruined my day. My happiness about Indonesia Raya had suddenly fell right beside my feet.