If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

I dont know why, but this hectic ambience seems permit me If i neglect my (others, but necessary) line of duties. is it right? I don’t think the situations like this are supposed to be happened. There’re too much to do in the same time, too much responsibilities to handle meanwhile each of us has only one body with one brain and two SMALL hands. I think doing this kind of shit is stressful enough to make people crazy. This kind of environtment is not healthy at all. Every body is like going to be mad as soon as possible. There’s no more smile, no archness, and everybody are drowning deep down under too strong tense. Really, people, What’s happend to us?

Several days ago I enlightened my student about Motivation Theory by McClelland, and The Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs. I reflect my situations into that two theories in order to try to discover in what state I and people around me are currently living. What I found out was actually the business we’ve doing recently is none of our concern, and those aren’t what we personally want to achieve. and that explains Why we likely have no motivation at all. every of us was worry about someday this kind of activities would distract our main goals.. we neither have enough times to think about our self nor to take some improving steps. while in this life, each of us got our own milestone running on our own time line.