There is A Will, There is A Way

I didn’t tell much people about my plan to go to Mecca past couple months. and this girl, Meylani, was one of those I told. The day before my departure she texted me about her wishes, and asked me If I would to read her wishes at Multazam. there are two main subjects included her study plan… 🙂

I remember her wishes during my tawaf. and I asked Him Who Hear All Prayers to make it true.. I expect nothing but may Allah bless my friend. She has been a nice girl, and these wishes what she has dreamt since long time ago.

Last night, she informed me that the scholarship finally hers! and the study will start on 20th of August. I can feel the excitement in her tone, and a little bit nervous actually.. she couldn’t belief.. her dream comes true. Then we talk about the necesarry stuff she couldn’t miss to bring, things she should prepare ASAP, and many more.

Some warmness heat my heart, flow in my vein and make my eyes are about to shed a tears. oh What happy I am for you dear. Congratulation for the achievement!